Services & Rates

$80 per session

Dog training sessions run forty-five minutes to one hour in duration and are typically done in the client’s home. Each session includes one on one instruction using proven training techniques and strategies that are effective and humane.

$16 twenty minute drop in visit   

$18 thirty minute drop in visit

Our drop in visits are customized to meet the unique needs of your pet. We provide care and companionship right in the comfort of your home. Pet Sitting in your home is an affordable option for busy professionals, vacationers and frequent travelers. In addition, our pet sitting  service is a wonderful option for dogs that have medical needs or who have a difficult time adjusting to the noisy and busy environment of a kennel. Drop in visits provide your pet(s) with companionship and plenty of TLC while keeping them safe and secure in familiar surroundings. Our caring and reliable staff will administer medication, water your plants, collect your mail, patrol your home for accidents and secure your home at no additional charge to you.

$16 thirty minute walk

$20 forty-five minute walk

A regular dog walking schedule will provide your four legged friend numerous health benefits. Benefits include improved cardiovascular fitness, lower blood pressure, stronger muscles and bones, and decreased stress levels. We offer morning, mid-day and evening walks. Fun Fitness with Fido offers flexible dog walking schedules to accommodate the unique needs of our clients. We also offer weekly discounts for our daily walkers.

$35 per night

With our dog boarding service, your dog will enjoy all the creature comforts of home in a nurturing pet centered environment. We are not your typical dog kennel. Nestled in almost an acre of timber, our home away from home is sure to be a hit with your pet. Your furry companion will enjoy watching active wildlife while running, playing and socializing in the security of a fenced in backyard. For pets who prefer to be indoors, we have several comfy canine couches and a doggie room for napping or just lounging around for pet. Ask us about our crate free boarding option!

Pick up drop off $20 round trip

Dog appointment $40 per hour ($10 each additional 15 minutes)

Not enough hours in the day? Leave the driving to us. We will pick up and drop off your pet(s) before or after their stay with us. In addition, we provide transportation to and from vet or groomers appointments.

Pet Waste Removal and Management Services

Fun Fitness with Fido provides dog poop scooping services and pet waste removal to Residential and Commercial Properties 365 days a year! Since 2014, Fun Fitness with Fido has been providing safe, effective, and economically pet waste removal with "Reliable"
professional services to Omaha and surrounding areas. We haul pet waste away for free.

Pet waste services will include a start up fee for waste that has accumulated over two weeks or longer. Contact us for an estimate.

1x Weekly Service Prices
1 Dog- $8
2 Dogs- $10
3 Dogs- $12
4 Dogs- $14

Every other week Service Prices
1 Dog - $16
2 Dogs - $20
3 Dogs - $24
4 Dogs - $28

2x Weekly Service Prices
1 Dog - $16
2 Dogs- $20
3 Dogs- $24
4 Dogs- $28

*You may change from every other week services to weekly services at any time!*

*For 3 dogs or more, may we recommend twice a week services to maintain a POOP FREE yard!*

Welcome to Fun Fitness with Fido Dog Training! Creating happy hounds one dog at a time

As a professional dog trainer, I possess a wide range of experience and knowledge in training adult dogs and puppies alike. I provide professional and practical guidance to successfully train your canine resulting in creating a stronger bond between you and your furry companion. You can count on Fun Fitness with Fido in Omaha, Nebraska to train your dog or puppy with professionalism, love and compassion.

Every dog is wired differently; each having their own unique personality and temperament. As a result, a one size fits all approach to dog training won’t work for every dog. My customized training programs combine a variety of techniques and strategies that are humane, reliable and effective.

Fun Fitness with Fido Dog Training offers several different obedience training programs, each designed to achieve specific results. We will evaluate your dog and design a customized training program that will address his/her specific behavioral needs. Schedule your free consultation today!

We can help with:

  • Leash pulling
  • Chewing and destructive behavior
  • Puppy training
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Socialization
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Jumping up
  • Annoying barking